Monday, November 15, 2010

Mrs. Pillay and the dictator’s apprentice

There are a couple of things happening in the country that are related to international attention, not that we are granted much attention, at least not nearly as much as the maSSist in the government want us to believe. One of the issues is the arrival of UN Human Rights representative Navanethem Pillay to evaluate Morale’s government deeds in their relation. If the South African does her job well, she would be upset by the totalitarian regime of Evo and his goons’ doings; specially taking in account that both, Pillay and Morales belong to the progressive political thinking. In such philosophy, as well as in all political philosophies, there are extremists and there are members of obsolete or extinct political ideologies that occupy new niches at convenience. It is not a surprise to anyone that the old fascist polluted the progressive movement after WWII and so have some communists after the Berlin wall crumbled at the feet of capitalism. Evo Morales and his llunkus are the combination of the worst, fascism and communism, with a doses of racisms that makes maSSism and ideology apart from other ideologies, a lot more similar to the Nazis, but with racism against the light skinned people in the country.

Pillay is spending a lot of times hearing the big propaganda machinery conformed by the Bolivian regime and its Social Sectors (SS), but she is going to be shown almost exclusively western Bolivian culture dominated by the quechua-aymara majority, and she is going to love it. She is also going to love how the dark skinned people in Bolivia controls all areas of government and she will love how the regime is going to try selling to her the supposedly similarities between today’s Bolivia and yesterday’s South Africa. And all this will be awesome to her and the Morales regime unless she spends equal amount of time with those opposing the totalitarian maSSist regime; beginning with the still free press of the country. She should not, even being a progressivist, accept the wrongly use of racism for political gains by the itself racist majority of the country. She should also be surprised by the political and economic power the so called suppressed indigenous majority had before Morales raise to power, since all she need to do to see this is stroll around a couple of street markets and ask a few smart questions.

The other issue, which Mrs.Pillay should also question, is the fact the Bolivian Army General has paraphrased his Venezuelan counterpart regarding the army’s political position; which clearly states that they, as the army, will oppose any capitalistic type of government if democratically elected in the future. The army general is not important, really, the maSSist regime uses them as underwear to be change when the skid marks cannot be removed anymore, not that they make any serious attempt to clean up after their messes, they just blame the crap in their underpants to somebody else. The general’s word themselves were clearly directed by the maSSist head of state to support their henchmen allied Hugo Chavez, whom is itself trying to validate the skid marks left by his own country’s general.

In effect, after this visit to Bolivia, it should be very clear for Mrs. Pillay that if the UN doesn’t condone the deeds of the ruling regime in Bolivia, there will be very little the country will be able to do to avoid violence when is time to return to our democratic and libertarian ways. History will judge the UN representative, as will judge the current regime’s run to obtain “total power”; we will wait and see if Mrs. Pillay is up to the task the UN has assigned her, we will see.

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